A Generic Scheme for Managing Equipment-Dependent On-Board Functions and Rules for the Code Automatic Generation

The delivery of a Satellite on-board service usually relies on the proper configuration of a set of hardware units, the On-Board Assembly (OBA), and on the capability of promptly and properly reacting to non-nominal conditions to isolate their effects and restore the on-board function.
This stage is focused on a work which is being performed by TASI on this subject in the framework of the LEO PRIMA Platform Avionics Software (PRIMA ASW).
The work is aimed at specifying a process to optimise the production of the recurring on-board software functions associated to all the OBAs needed for a specific mission. The process definition is based on the following fundamental steps:
• Characterisation of the PRIMA ASW architectural framework in which the applications execute their tasks.
• Characterization of the generic On-Board Assembly (OBA).
• Specification of the generic On-Board Assembly Manager (OBAM).
• Specification of the rules for the mission-specific OBAM automatic generation.