GUI generator of PUS Services flight sw library

Based on European Space Agency Standards (ECSS) , Ground systems and space segments protocols,at application level, have been reccomanded on PUS (Packet utilization standards). TASI already provides solutions to PUS Service building blocks, “the PUS Services Library” and is working on a tool to automatically generate the project-specific “PUS Services” flight software based on mission specific requirements.
The goal of this STAGE is focused on Design/Develop a custom application which shall be used to generate the configuration needed to quickly compile an own custom Pus library.


  • Prof. E. Tronci, Dip. Informatica, Univ. di Roma “La Sapienza”, Via Salaria 113, 00198 Rome, Italy
    Phone: +39 06 49918361, e-mail:
  • Ing. G. Lisio, Thales Alenia Space Italy, Via Saccomuro 24, 00100 Rome, Italy
    Phone: +39 06 4151 4122, Fax: +39 06 4151 2678, e-mail: