Integrated methodologies for SW life cycle development and testing process in Data Handling and AOC Algorithms

Software and System engineering is a key issue for TASI. It is based on our ability to develop more and more complex and reliable systems . Today, programmes on Software Critical Information Systems highlight the limit of existing tools and methods when complexity grows. TASI is working on Tools chain in order to address these new challenges in differents activities throught SW life cycle (Requirements phase, Design phase, Development and Testing phase) by using :
– Doors requirements/Artisan Design Model integration
– IBM CC/Artisan Design Modelintegration
– Scripting for Code generation
– IBM RtRt /Artisan Design Model ntegration
The goal of this TESI is focused on working in a one or contribution (dependend on kind of TESI) to analize and optimize the tools chain process which shall be used to develop On board SW for satellites of next generation.


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