Posizione a contratto presso SISSA Trieste (30 mesi) per un bravo programmer

//Quantum ESPRESSO e’ una piattaforma di largo uso di ab-initio modelling di sistemi su scala atomica (molecole, solidi etc.)

We are looking for an experienced programmer, fluent in python and xml, to participate in a EU-funded project aiming at modularizing Quantum ESPRESSO and integrating it with other scientific softwares and user interfaces. A physics/chemistry background would be a plus, but not strictly requested. We offer a decent salary (of up to 2100 EUR/month after taxes and social security) and a starting contract of up to 30 months, renewable under certain conditions. More datails are obviously avaliable upon request.

Stefano Baroni

– Please, enquire at baroni_at_sissa.it